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William Murton | he/him

All media carries weight; an angle, a point of view, or a message that demands an audience's attention. Film, in its own right does exactly that, through its own narrative lens of artistic statements. To me, film is creative expression in a raw, passionate, and sometimes overwhelming visual and auditory form that can bring the extraordinary to life. High fantasy and drama are my favourite genres.

As an emerging creative in the industry, I take pride in my identity, production culture, and consistently pushing myself into new experiences and challenges to better myself as a creative. After graduating at Massey University with a Bachelors in Creative Media Production (Screen Arts) and joining Wētā FX, I've enjoyed contributing to this vast and ever-changing industry in a way that learns from our past experiences whilst having the courage to push forward into uncharted waters.

My background and training in the creative media industry ranges from performing arts in theatre, pre-production film ideation, on-set practices, through to post-production editing, Visual Effects, all the way to producing and directing in the realm of film.

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